Internationalizing through Networking: An Analysis of International Business and Marketing Theories through Nontraditional Lenses

Garth Thomsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose: Regarding non-equity small- to medium-sized enterprises, it is especially essential to possess the necessary resources and capabilities to internationalize activities to a foreign market. The purpose of this thesis is to test the applicability and capability of International Business (IB) and marketing against a non-equity, web-based born global company as an untraditional method for startups to bypass traditional modes of inter-nationalization by leveraging on the capabilities of a local network in the host country.
Design/methodology/approach: This thesis is a thought experiment written from the perspective of a case study of HyggeHerbs’ - a fictitious Danish non-equity startup - experience of linking up with a wholesale supplier in China. The analysis examines this interaction through the theoretical lens of international business and marketing theories.
Findings: The result is a critique of mainstream international business theories via the identification of gaps in the theoretical framework to explain what is being analyzed, as well as suggestions for future research.
Originality/Value: This thesis provides a critique of IB literature by evaluating the analytical and explanatory capability of conventional IB theories when applied to the drop shipping type of business model within the context of a non-equity startup embarking on international business between Denmark and China.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages193
SupervisorsMichael Jakobsen