Intern revisions værdiskabelse hos finansielle og ikke-finansielle virksomheder

Khawla El Mekkaoui

Student thesis: Master thesis


Internal auditing is a well-known area of expertise for companies worldwide. In Denmark, internal auditing is an integrated part of several Danish companies in different sectors. The Institute of Internal Auditors, a global union whose purpose is to drive the change for internal auditing as an area of expertise, has more than 500 members in Denmark, all of which come from different companies and backgrounds. Despite that internal auditing is a known part of the Danish corporate life, many organisations in Denmark choose not to have an internal audit function in their companies. Examples of these are large Danish companies like Lego, Grundfos and Copenhagen Airport. Therefore, it is notable if well-known companies like these do not see the value of having an internal audit function.
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the value internal auditing is supposedly delivering to companies. The creation of value in itself is an intangible size, thus the perception of value creation cannot be measured and aligned with a general definition. The perception of the creation of value differs from one person to another, which is why the area of research in this thesis has been the perception of value creation in particularly the financial and non-financial companies in Denmark. The thesis examines internal auditing, the difference between internal audit in financial and nonfinancial companies, value creation, the perception of internal audit's value creation with different parties and within different sectors, and lastly the challenges in the creation of value in internal auditing.
The thesis shows that both sectors agree that there is value in internal audit's business sense, objectivity, positioning in the organisation, and delivery of insight. The difference in the perception of value creation exists in the companies' perception of internal audit's role, especially as internal audit can deliver both assurance services and advisory services. The reasoning behind the difference of opinion to internal audit's value creation is due to the legislation and regulation of internal audit in the financial sector, where internal audit is not allowed to deliver services that do not have an assurance nature. The discussion of internal audit's conduct has proven to be important in the matter of the perception of internal audit's value creation.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages88