Infracko og det franske EdTech marked

Mathias Arnfeldt Hygum

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


The following paper is a research about a new company, which started doing business by the end of year 2018. The name of the company is Infracko with a location in North Jutland, Denmark. Infracko’s currently business model lies within the high-end hardware broker business, in which the owner has his roots deeply imbedded. Seemingly, this particular business environment implies a high risk for steady revenue. For this reason the owner wants to explore a new business opportunity in France. The opportunity requires development of a new business area in which Infracko’s management team have no knowledge. The new business area involves Infracko to also become a Software Reseller while maintaining its activities as a broker. The ambition is to ensure a higher financial security, by spreading Infracko’s revenue risk to include other aspects, than dependency from the broker business. Early in the research it is surprisingly concluded, that there haven’t been done, or evaluated, any analysis of the business opportunity. To determine how this opportunity can contribute to the ambition, a strategic analysis is to be carried out in this paper. The hereafter applied method contains a traditional strategic analysis with an approach to internal and external factors for Infracko. The motive is to identify specific strategic initiatives which support the ambition. The internal analysis provides insight to Infracko’s strength and weaknesses as a new company. The external analysis provides insight to the opportunities and threats for Infracko. This is done by evaluating the politic agenda-, culture-, customer-, competitive surroundings and the market in which Infracko is to navigate. In order to support the process, a comprehensive amount of data is brought to use, which includes primary and secondary data. Results of the empirical findings are listed below.  Infracko has limited resources – especially financially resources  Low customer awareness, but the name “Infracko” can be used in marketing efforts  Political endorsement to the market but a relatively high degree of cultural differences  A highly competitive industry for a market in expansion Furthermore a number of strategic initiatives are recommended and discussed in the paper. The discussion indicates that Infracko needs to increase its brand awareness. The following part suggests how Infracko can increase its brand awareness through targeting, positioning and the marketing mix. In extension to the strategic initiative, a budget forecasting and investment project is evaluated in regards to the financial ambition. The paper is concluded by providing insights into the preliminary business model for Infracko as a Software Reseller.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages88