Information Security Through Cooperation: A Qualitative Look at the Human Side of Information Security in the Oil and Gas Industry

Snorre Lea

Student thesis: Master thesis


Information security is a field of ever-increasing concern in our continuously digitalizing world. This is no exception for the main industry in Norway, namely oil and gas. While information security tends to be regarded as a technical field of research, there is ample suggestions of the importance of the human side of information security. To study this phenomenon, this paper asks how can the oil and gas industry collectively improve information security? Through a qualitative, interview-based methodology, the paper identifies the core challenges faced in the industry, within the human side of information security. The findings identify the perceived level of information sharing, awareness and communication as main challenges in the pursuit of security. In order to overcome these challenges, information sharing relating to incidents is suggested as an initiative that can serve as an ideal way of communication, in addition to increase awareness and learning. Based on the principle of herd-immunity, a case is made that sharing information on incidents is a mutually beneficial effort for all parties involved. Seeing that the domains covered are not expanded on in academic and/or qualitative literature, this paper contributes to the fields of research, as well as it urges further academic research, particularly of a qualitative character.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages60
SupervisorsIrfan Kanat