Indura A/S: Internationaliseringsproces i Europa

Gowtham Theiventhiran

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to analyse the internationalization of small and medium sizes enterprises. This will be seen from a case study by the company Indura A/S, which is a Danish trading company. The purpose of the study is to identify which motives and barriers lie behind internationalization. This will analyze how Indura A/S works with strategic management including the effect of the business owner of Indura A/S. This task also attempts to shed light on which analysis tools the company can use in their strategy process. To answer the research question, an analysis is carried out, which examines selected initiatives within strategic management in small and medium-sized companies. Special emphasis will be placed on how Indura A / S's internal and external conditions affect their strategy. The main findings of the analysis for the study is that the company's strategy carries a customeroriented strategy, where customers' wishes to play a crucial role. The orientation of Indura A/S's owners, with a focus on growth, profitability and risk appetite, as stated, is what the company does not use the resources to scan the external environment and uses a narrow product program, such as flanges and fittings to penetrate market in Europe. This shows that the company's product mix needs development, to adapt the market in Europe. This helps the company to use an export strategy, such as market penetration, market development and product development in Europe. The company currently has challenges in their internationalization process, such as language barrier and international experience. lies in the company's finance and certificate department. Thus, the challenge in the lack of international experience in management lies in managing the colleagues in Germany and China, respectively, which makes it difficult to continue the corporate culture Indura A/S has. The company's resource adjustment can be seen as a development strategy for Indura A/S, which only tries to develop the critical resources that are necessary for internationalization. This is seen from the available resources the company has, and the development is based on organizational learning, which gives the company increased market knowledge and increased market engagement

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages86
SupervisorsPeter Gammeltoft