Importance of Attributes Influencing the Travel Experience: A Research Project Helping Micro-travel Companies Understand the Importance of Attributes in Encounters with Their Travelers, to Create the Fulfilling Travel Experience

Jonas Bang Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The economy has developed, and consumers has over time gone from buying products to demanding services. But service in itself is no longer enough, and the current stage as we see is the experience economy. Consumers are willing to pay even extra for the great memorable experience (Pine & Gilmore 1998). One of the biggest part of the experience economy is tourism. Travelers desire both to have a vacation with their family and friends or maybe wanting to go on an adventure and experience something far from anything they ever experienced before. Travelers want the best experience possible when they go on a tour. But what is the best experience? The perception of an experience is by nature subjective, however it will always be the sum of the staged event and the person's mind. So for travelers to have the best experience, they need to have a great mind at the moment of the experience. However, the travelers mind is not something which changed only the exact moment the experience occur - the person's mind changes over time by every encounter, direct and indirect, they have. Previous research has shown that there several of determining factors which make the encounter affect the person's mind in both a negative and positive way. Those factors, or attributes, also comes in many form, and can be interpret differently. However, previous research has not categorized attributes in one single framework or shown the importance of the attributes. Hence this project focuses on the attributes of an experience from a travelers viewpoint. Respondents were asked about their previous experiences, so they could share the importance of very specific moments of their tours. These moments where then categorized and rated according to the phase of their journey. This project, in both a practical and theoretical terms, aims to rank the importance of categorized attributes in each phase of the customer journey based on the travelers previous experience for researchers and companies within the industry to use.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages124
SupervisorsXiao Xiao