How Social Media has Influenced Marketing for Businesses

Karoline Teigland-Kolster

Student thesis: Master thesis


The aim of this thesis is to create a better understanding of how companies’ external communication has changed and evolved since the birth of social media, which in many ways has changed the way that consumer’s seek information about companies and their products. Over a long period of time companies had a very product oriented way of approaching consumers when they wanted to sell products or services. They saw all consumers as a mass target group where individual meanings, interests and needs were considered unimportant – the only focus was on selling lots of products. But in line with the fact that consumers were getting more skeptical towards companies’ ways of promoting themselves and their products, companies’ had to change their way of communication their messages. Since the birth of social media consumers has very easy access to all type of information about companies and products and can easily compare and share products with each other. Many companies has therefore changed their way of communicating with their consumers since traditional advertising has stopped making an impact on consumers. It is this change from a traditional advertising approach to a more modern/ social way of advertising that this thesis will explore. The theory that will be used in this thesis is shaped as a timeline where it is possible to see the development that companies has been through regarding their way of advertise. Philip Kotler et. al. (2010): Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit, will frame the theory chapter. In the beginning of the chapter marketing 1.0 will be the main focus, the next part of the chapter will be about marketing 2.0 and the last part of the chapter will be about marketing 3.0, which also is the part that the analysis will arise from. The empirical basis of this thesis are three case studies where two of them are Danish companies and the third one is an expert within social media from a media company in Copenhagen. The two companies were interviewed with the purpose of discovering how the they use social media and how they have embraced consumer’s new way of seeking information about companies and their products/ services. The interview with the expert was conducted in order to relate his statements with the statements that the companies made. All these qualitative data will form the basis of the analysis.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages124