How Foreign Entities Apply Sentiment Analysis in the Chinese Market

Xiao Peng

Student thesis: Master thesis


In such an era that information technology develops rapidly, every potential customerĀ“s demand are attainable through effective big data mining and analysing. In order to seizing this opportunity, an increasingly number of business tend to use public sentiment analysis to make more accurate market location, segmentation and etc. In European or American, business can get the open data source for analysis from the widely used social network platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, While the Facebook and Twitter are banned inside of China, and the Amazon can not get the same influential position as local e-commercial platform Tmall (owned by Alibaba). The application of public sentiment analysis in the Chinese market would be a great challenge and problem for most European company which plan to launch in to the Chinese market. This thesis may emphasis on studying how international companies to analyse the public sentiment and how to apply it in their Chinese marketing strategy.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages103