"Hey Speaker - why should I use you?": Exploring the User Acceptance of Smart Speakers

Jonas Hoffmann & Kasper Thuesen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Voice-assistant powered smart speakers are entering private homes by storm, with the purpose of facilitating everyday tasks and simplifying their users’ lives. At the same time, they bring along an array of new challenges due to their purely voice-based interface and their fixed location inside the heart of consumer homes. Motivated by the soaring success of the technology and backed by literature about technology acceptance and user experience, this research investigates what motivates users to continuously use smart speakers in their daily lives and what makes them stop using them. In addition, it explores the gap between expectation and experience for this technology and analyses its influence on smart speaker usage. The research is carried out in two steps. First, 10 selected users are provided with a smart speaker with the task of using the product over the course of four weeks. Consequently, a focus group and several in-depth interviews are conducted with the participants about their experience. The analysis reveals that Usability, Usefulness and Sociality – each consisting of several subcomponents – are the main factors that affect smart speaker usage. This research depicts one of the first user-centered analyses of smart speaker usage and opens a door for future research in the area of smart speakers.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages184