Green is the New Black

Anna Palmkvist Sørensen & Kristine Johanne Isgaard Frederiksen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Purpose: This thesis aims at analyzing the general tendencies according to sustainability and sustainable behavior in society. This includes an investigation of how VisitNordsjælland, in a strategic communication perspective, applies sustainability which leads to an examination and evaluation of how VisitNordsjælland can improve the company's strategy of communicative initiatives according to sustainability in the future.
Methodology/Approach: This research adopts a qualitative approach with a single case study of VisitNordsjælland. The primary empirical data is collected by using the semi-structured interview technique. Experts from different backgrounds within communication, sustainability and tourism and two employees from VisitNordsjælland are interviewed.
Findings: The findings reveal that there is a trend in sustainability that creates pressure on organizations. The thesis also reveals that VisitNordsjælland does not act proactively on sustainability which means the company can optimize their communication strategic work with advance by preparing sustainable initiatives.
Originality/Value: This thesis elucidates how companies can handle sustainability in a communicative and strategic perspective. Thus, this research contributes with a practical view on how a company like VisitNordsjælland can strategize their communication and initiatives in relation to sustainability. Therefore, the thesis contains a framework for transferability that applies to companies with similar business structures and sustainable challenges in a strategic communicative perspective

EducationsOther, (Graduate Programme) Final ThesisMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages212
SupervisorsAnders Bordum