The meaning of fashion: How the danish fashion consumer understands and consumes fashion and fashion trends

Jekaterina V. Lysenko & Michael T. Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


As the fashion system today has become more complex, and democratised, and because businesses have lost some of their poser to dictate trends to fashion consumers, the purpose of this thesis has been to explores the central characteristics of the Danish fashion consumer in the contemporary society. The intention of this study has been to obtain an empirical and theoretical understanding of how the Danish fashion consumer ascribes meaning to fashion, fashion consumption and fashion trends. The phenomenon oyf fashion trends, and how the affect the personal fashion taste and style of consumer has been a specific interest for the thesis. By applying the theory of the hypermodern society and fashion consumer, the thesis has established the Danish fashion consumer as a hypermodern consumer, who uses fashion to construct and communicate his/ her identity, but most of – to feel pleasure. However, contrary to hypermodern though, Danish fashion consumers also employ fashion in an attempt to distinct them selves from communities of lower classes. The thesis has also found that fashion consumers in Denmark, still use fashion to communicate status, and that status today is connected to dimensions of individuality, uniqueness, originality, and courage, rather than economic recourses. Consumers rarely admit that they adopt trends or find inspiration in these. However in the adoption of new trends, consumer judge the trend by how early (or late) it is in the trend-cycle, who wears the style of the trend, in which shops it can be bought, where the trend is positioned geographically and how the trend is adopted in their nearby social network.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages278