Revision som et socialt system: Iagttagelse af going concern

Morten Weinreich Larsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This dissertation departures from the hyper complex society. The hyper complex society is characterised by dynamics and diversity, which is expressed by immense complexity. In the hyper complex society, a number of social systems exist which observe themselves and other systems from individual perspectives. By applying Niklas Luhmann's systems theories, audit is presented as a social system which operates in the hyper complex society. Adopting this view on audit allows the dissertation to present the system's mechanisms for observation and self-perception. Audit operates as a system in the hyper complex society by offering its function to the users. Typically, audit is important to companies and their partners by functioning as an independent third party in relations characterized by asymmetrical information and conflicting interests. The relations between the hyper complex society and audit as a social system is problematized due to the system's attempt to observe the company's going concern. The audit of going concern differentiates from other parts of the audit by requiring observation of the hyper complex society's complexity and not only observation of the company's complexity. When the system observes going concern, a number of blind spots are created which limit the system in the observation of the company's going concern. This limitation emerges in the asymmetrical complex relation between audit as a social system and the hyper complex society which the system tries to observe. The present dissertation observes the system's observation of the company's going concern. Hereby, the blind spots for observation which are created when the system observes the hyper complex society are in focus. The present dissertation concludes that audit is self-limiting when observing going concern due to the system's need to differentiate itself from the hyper complex society. Moreover, it is argued how audit is self-limiting in its observation of going concern due to the system's own function in the hyper complex society. Hence, reading this dissertation is an invitation to a discussion of the auditor's limited possibilities to assess the company's going concern.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages112