Transformationsøkonomi: Udfordringer og muligheder for mennesket i en subjektivitetsproducerende økonomi

David Carsten Pedersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis investigates the challenges and possibilities that emerge in the understanding of the concept of transformation economy as an economic offer of the production of human subjectivity. Through an analysis of Joseph Pine & James Gilmores concept of transformation economy, I demonstrate how this economy offers a transformation of the customer’s self, and that empirical examples of this offering can be found in global mass media, self-help and coaching industries. Through the perspective of Peter Sloterdijk, I inspect what Pine & Gilmore see as the value of the offer that is produced. In this I show that what seems as an offer of perfection of the self, produces a type of self that is driven to devaluate its own existing by a continous self-definition based on its own lack of perfection. This, I argue, shows how the post-humanistic complex of guilty conscience has become a personal project, installed in the mind of the human self. I then proceed trough Gilles Deleuze’s ontology of difference and lay out the continuous production of the human self in the relation between the human mind and the ever changing existence of its own being. Trough Deleuze I argue how man can be seen as both the creator of the meaning and value of his own existence and also the one that denies himself this position by forgetting that he is continously becoming another. I therefore conclude that man, in a post-humanistic perspective, can be defined as a double human, continously creating him self as another and repeating himself as the same. I show how this will to repeat the negation of his own transformation is produced in a machine of guilt and a machine of forgetting that is installed within the self. Finally, I argue what the possibilities are for overcoming such machines trough the power of continuous questioning and mans realization of his position as the creator of his own sense and values. This, I conclude, is a continuous challenge for an economy of transformation if it wants to produce a humanity that realizes its own value and is in charge of its own existence.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages96