Det kontantløse samfund: Virtuelle penge til børnefamilien

Pernille Kanstrup

Student thesis: Master thesis


In recent years, our society has become rapidly more digitalized. This has also influenced the way we handle money, the payment cards is already a common and used way to pay for goods and services, next step is paying by mobile phones. They are already a big part of the human living and have developed into managing a large number of digital functions. The Smartphone is the new era of mobile phones and makes almost everything possible. Now the Smartphone will be our mobile wallet, however this may cause some difficulties for some people, for example children. This thesis deals the problem statement: Which factors must be looked upon when a mobile wallet is to be marketed towards families with children in Denmark? The investigation has a hermeneutic approach and seeks to involve the consumers by using questionnaires and focus groups. The consumer behaviour theory used in this thesis is Philip Kotler’s model of “Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior”. Especially the influence of reference groups has been used to determine the consumer behaviour of children. The Questionnaires and focus groups have together with a consumer behaviour analysis provided data to give suggestions on how to market the mobile wallet towards families with children. The findings were that parents are very concerned that a mobile wallet will have a bad influence in children’s learning on what money is and they thought that the children would overuse the mobile wallet; therefore it had to function as a debit card. Furthermore the children and the parents were concerned about safety when using a mobile wallet. The children also want the mobile wallet to be easy to use and be a fast method of payment. Therefore the marketers need to focus on four different factors when making the advertisements of mobile wallets towards the families. They have to focus on: • The ease of use, safety and faster payment • The positive influence on children’s learning • That it works as a debit card • That it gives children a good understanding on what money is Guidelines have been given to the marketers with suggestions on how to market a mobile wallet towards families with children on tactic level. This can be used in further research at the operative level on how to market mobile wallets.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages93