Ældrebefolkningen: Livet med Døden. En dispositivanalyse af sundhedspolitikken på ældreområdet

Anna Emilie Hvas & Tor Juul

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis has focused on Health Policies for elderly people in Denmark. Through a theoretical framework defined by Foucault - and especially Deleuze’s reading of Foucault – the thesis investigates Health Policies for elderly people as a social phenomenon. Some of the questions answered in the thesis are: how do Health Policies affect elderly people’s lives? Why is there a growing focus on preventive health care in Denmark today? How do Health Policies have an impact on people’s lives? The analysis consists of two parts. The first part investigates the historical development of Health Policies for elderly people in Denmark. The second part investigates a contemporary initiative – Preventive Theme Meetings - within the Copenhagen municipality. The thesis concludes that there have been some major changes in the way the Danish society understands and interacts with the elderly. Historically, Health Policies have focused on the elderly from a distance, with great emphasis on institutional settings, whereas today they intend to meet “the-whole-person”. This change has indebted the elderly to everlasting preventive health care. The thesis also concludes that theories of medicine and economy tend to set the agenda in Health Policies affecting the contemporary elderly Danes.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages122