Kunstig intelligens of profylaktisk sundhedsdata: Diabezy's rejse fra tidlig til mainstream marked

Zarko Zaharov

Student thesis: Master thesis


Diabezy is an app that targets diabetics. The name Diabezy, comes from the slogan, “diabetes made easy”. The app’s mission is to help lower the cost of diabetes for a strategic partner such as a Region, by making diabetes easier for diabetics who struggle with the disease. This thesis seeks to analyze how Diabezy can cross the chasm, off the early market, where it is now, to a mainstream market where it wants to be. The challenge arises as the chasm between the early market, more specifically, the early majority, is a rather large one, to the first one in line in the mainstream market-the early majority. The psychology of these two groups could not be any more different. Early majority and the mainstream market in general, demand a finished and “whole product”. To achieve this, Diabezy needs to partner with a strategic partner. This partner is identified as the Region (e.g. Region Zealand). The thesis goes on to analyze how such partnership could work, and what challenges it might present, as far as crossing this chasm demands a change in business plan and certification of the app as a medical tool. This arises legal challenges to conform with these rules as far as data protection and clinical tries go.These challenges are tried solved by strategic contracting and the use of gain-and hardship provisions.

EducationsMSc in Commercial Law, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages63
SupervisorsBent Petersen & Kim Østergaard