Faxe i Fællesskab: Værdier og værdiopfattelser i kulturforandringer

Karen Kjeldgård Petersen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This master thesis focuses on uncovering existing values and the perception of values in the organization Faxe Municipality, and furthermore how these values both affect and are influenced by the ongoing process of cultural change known as “Faxe i Fællesskab” (Faxe in Community).
On the basis of the overall vision; “Together we can do more”, the purpose of the process is to create and provide added value for the citizens in Faxe. “Faxe i Fællesskab” is built on a value-based DNA. This DNA is to lay the foundation for transversal collaborations and interaction that will create ideas and solutions so that value is indeed added to the lives of the citizens. This thesis argues that the
DNA of “Faxe i Fællesskab” must be enlisted in all parts of the organization.
Additionally, the thesis focuses on how this DNA affects and has importance to existing communities of values. The theoretic approach bases on Weick's theory of meaning creation. The thesis statement is:
"How do values and perception of values in the organization of Faxe Municipality affect the roll-out of the joint value-based organizational DNA - and vice versa?" This thesis statement is examined through interviews with leaders functioning within 3 working fields; the social field, the educational field and the elderly field. Additionally, the analysis bases on a study of internal documents concerning the management of Faxe municipality. The cultural analysis results in an exploration of structural and procedural conditions that can be linked to the roll-out of the Faxe in Community DNA. In conclusion, this thesis shows that cultural studies, combined with a structural and procedural perspective, points to multiple factors that affect the roll-out of the DNA of “Faxe i Fællesskab”. Finally, these factors are combined in a catalogue of challenges, which we can benefit from and use actively in the further process of and work with “Faxe i Fællesskab” to add value to the lives of the citizens in Faxe.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages58
SupervisorsNiels Thyge Thygesen