Green Experience Value: An investigation whether thoroughly green service providers enhance the value for the customer experience

Cathrine Merkesdal

Student thesis: Master thesis


In an environment that increasingly focuses on the significance of memorable experiences and solutions for more pro-environmental behaviour is needed, it is investigated whether a thoroughly green service experience may have an enhanced value for the consumer. Consumers’ environmental values have been connected with the experience of green service providers (such as a hotel) to see if it offers any added value for the customer. This investigation is also detecting how this can be an attractive outcome for businesses; for them to establish a green experience environment. Previous literature on environmentalism and experience literature have been used as a base for understanding. Three theories are used to recognize why an environmental friendly experience may be important for the customer: 1) The self-determination theory 2) The value- belief- norm theory and 3) The transformational experience, developed into a theory. It all starts off with the values of the (critical) consumers; it must contain of certain beliefs and convictions of what the right thing to do is, when it comes to the environment. Second there is the acknowledgement that the actions that the individual do, will lead somewhere, that it will support the purpose. At this same stage there is also the intrinsic motivation and need for identity in actions. So the experience must be an identification of values as well as a belief that it has a real purpose or meaning to act on it - if this is believed the individual will act. The action will give the individual an experience and if that experience is strong it may change the perspectives and be a transformational experience. In the end if the experience was a good one, it will reinforce the values to the consumers. The consumers are also increasingly after more meaningful experiences, which a green experience may be for the ones that have aligned values and lifestyle. The main findings lean heavily if the internal motivations and moral values are aligned with the pro-environmental experience, the costumer will enjoy the green experience-attributes to a much higher degree than if the values are not aligned. The degree of commitment will increase this feeling of wellness and happiness in the experience. It is also discussed how an experience may give meaning and even change perception, a transformational experience. The experience stimulates the individual in a cognitive, affective, behavioural or sensorial way. A survey was conducted which identified the environmental consumers, or in other words the more critical customers. They are also the target market for Hotel Guldsmeden, which has been used as the main case example. Guldsmeden is thoroughly sustainable hotels which especially cater for consumers appreciating a green experience. Guldsmeden has been found to stimulate their customers in such ways, that it can be backed up by saying that the experience is stronger for the guest because it is green.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages213