Optimering af Evomoves position: Gennem forståelsen af forbrugeradfærd

Christina Vest Suensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The master thesis Optimizing of Evomove’s position – Through understanding of consumer behavior is based on the business Evomove’s current situation. In May 2013, they launched their highchair Nomi, which makes them a new player on the Danish business-to-consumer market for highchairs. This market is dominated by Stokke’s highchair Tripp Trapp, which was released in 1972 and still is in production. In these circumstances the thesis is aimed to study how Evomove through an understanding of consumer behavior can optimize their current position.
First the thesis will examine which current position Evomove has and the consumer behavior behind an acquisition of a highchair. Afterwards it is discussed how Evomove should combine their marketing mix. To do so the thesis makes use of a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods, in the form of two focus groups and a questionnaire. Based on the data the following three segments are identified; The young parents, The mature parents and The experienced parents. These are applied to the subsequent analysis and discussion.
The results of the analysis show, that Nomi is positioned as a safe and ergonomic highchair with a smart design, however also with a high price. Furthermore, it is seen how the consumer decision process in relation to the acquisition of a highchair extends over a long period of time, because a highchair often is considered in the pregnancy and used for several years, as more highchairs can grow with the child. In continuation, the discussion shows, among other things, that the primary purpose of Evomove’s communication is to raise awareness of them and Nomi through e.g. working strategically with word-of-mouth.
Since the test sample is not representative for the Danish population of parents, with at least one child from 2013-2016, it is only potential tendencies which can be concluded in this thesis. Nevertheless, it can finally be concluded that with an understanding of consumer behavior Evomove is better placed to create value for consumers through a more focused combination of their marketing mix, which therefore enables them to optimize their current position.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages193