Cyber Security: Securitizing cyber threats in Denmark

Sofia Lisa Dinesen & Heidi Bruvik Sæther

Student thesis: Master thesis


Cyberspace has come to characterize modern life and a majority of societies have become digitalized. Digital communities have also become a new factor within world politics and therefore also a new power element within the balance of sovereignty. Moreover, the use of the Internet is still rapidly expanding and has become the core component of everyday conduct for all actors within our society. However, the easy access to data brings along severe security issues and cyber attacks on public and private actors are reported on a daily basis. The large number of attacks has serious economic and social consequences, resulting in state officials across countries acknowledging the importance of a security cyberspace. Nevertheless, the number of cyber attacks is continuously rising and it is intriguing that although cyber threats are framed as a security issue, it seems to be difficult to implement effective measures in order to secure cyberspace. This research demonstrates that the many actors, different kinds of processes and a broader range of issues result in a different cyber politics, creating conflicting and competitive securitizations. These multiple securitizations make exceptional measures difficult to agree on and the ones adopted ineffective as they only cover parts of the actors and parts of the issues, resulting in a security gap. The securitization processes furthermore generate distrust and lack of knowledge sharing.

EducationsMSc in International Business and Politics, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages125