Kontraktstyring af kulturinstitutioner i Københavns Kommune. Er det bare noget vi leger?

Tina Iversen, Klaus Høm & Søren Holmes

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This thesis analyses the use and implementation of internal contractual agreements between the administration of the City of Copenhagen, the Cultural and Leisure Department, and five individual community cultural institutions including the Museum of Copenhagen, the Nikolaj Art Gallery and three culture houses (community centres). The question we raise is whether internal contractual agreements are use as theoretically intended or only as pretence. The thesis draws a threefold theoretical approach to the use of internal contracts; a perspective of legitimacy inspired by Mark C. Suchman´s theory, and two theories from a New Institutional Economic perspective; the Principal and Agent theory by George Akerlof and the theory of Transaction Cost by Oliver Williamson.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2006
Number of pages124