Nordisk Ledelse – Internationalt

Ida Juul Farver

Student thesis: Master thesis


In this thesis I analyze whether the Nordic model is clearly defined as a management theory. Furthermore, I have tried to establish, whether or not Danish companies succeed in exporting Nordic management styles and Nordic values, within branches in foreign countries. In order to define whether shared Nordic values exist, I have used Anita Ekwall’s model for defining the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian character. By using Schramm-Nielsen’s definition of Nordic management, I have chosen to approach the concept as it was interpreted, before other experts began seeing globalization as affecting the definition. I have used a philosophical hermeneutical approach, to gain a temporary insight into whether the managers themselves believe that they have succeeded in integrating Nordic values and management in the foreign country they reside and work in. My empirical studies are based on interviews with Nordic expat-managers from NNIT and FLSmidth. In order to emphasize and analyze the challenges the managers face, when handling values from their home- and their expat-country, I have used the tools Top-down- and Bottom-up management. I have also used the horizontal cross-pressures to illustrate how communication becomes complex, when dealing with management abroad. Hofstede’s dimensions is the main theory used, based on his dimensions’ ability to create a framework and measurability to values, and he is also used when illustrating the values commonly shared between the Scandinavian countries. Hofstede is also used to illustrate the type of values the expats implement in the values shared with the employees. The Nordic model as a management model does exist, though varying definitions blur the definition a bit. We do succeed in exporting Nordic management to a certain degree, though only so far as it does not collide with the values of the locals, the suppliers and the government in the foreign country.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages75