How Emerging Countries Will Be the Next Innovation Leaders of the Future: The Case of China

Giulia Armellini

Student thesis: Master thesis


The present research investigates the main determinants and their effects in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging countries, considering the case of China. Firstly, this work aims to provide the reader with insights over the present literature and theoretically findings over emerging countries and secondly over the factors influencing the innovation capabilities and the entrepreneurial outcome of China as government and innovation policies, the research and development context, intellectual property rights, the management of human resources, the entrepreneurial environment and social cultural values. A comprehensive framework has been developed through the collection of secondary data from relevant global research institutions to support the analysis throughout the work and to provide the reader with a tool useful to further research over this topic. In conclusion, the study reveals that China has the potentialities to overcome its current economic and financial challenges and to become an innovation leader of the future.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages72