Women in the IT Industry: An Explorative Study on how IT Companies Can Attract Women to the Industry

Line Manon Fievé

Student thesis: Master thesis


Certain industries consistently attract a significantly higher number of a specific gender. The IT industry is one of the industries struggling to attract women. Companies in the IT industry, acknowledging the benefits of workforce diversity, experience the challenges of few women in the industry in their hiring situation.
Increase the number of women, IT companies can either attract the existing pool of women, or influence the number of women choosing a career in the IT industry, which will create a larger pool of potential employees. The focus of this research is to explore how companies can actively influence the number of women choosing a career in the IT industry. By understanding the problematics of why so few women choose a career in IT and by understand how to confronts these problematics, companies get a tool to overcome the issue of few women in the industry.
Prior literature and interviews with women in the IT industry provided understanding of women’s experience with the process of choosing a career in IT. The findings include the IT industries reputation for being male dominated; sociocultural gender norms; lack of knowledge of the educations offered, and lack of knowledge of the IT industry. Correspondingly the interviews provide insight on how to overcome these obstacles by increasing the awareness of young women to the IT industry, have successful women acting as role models, and making the companies communicate an openness to women in the workforce.

EducationsMSc in International Business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages54