Red-spotted Bananas of Peru: A Multiple-case Study of the Inefficiencies in the Supply Chain of Banana Growers in Peru

Romina Siuting Salvatierra

Student thesis: Master thesis


The present work aimed to evaluate the inefficiencies that the supply chain of producers of organic bananas in Peru experience. To study those inefficiencies, three similar cases were analyzed: The first case was about a Portuguese buyer company called PositiveGravity, and its experience with their first supplier called Cepibo, an association of organic banana growers. The second case was about the same buyer company PositiveGravity, and their experience with the second supplier BOS, also an association of organic banana growers. The third case was selected because it is a good example of long-term partnership in the industry. It is about the internationally known Dole and its supply chain of organic bananas in Peru. The research was focused on identifying the inefficiencies experienced by the companies and analyzing them with theories such as Relational Rents, the Business Network View, Clustering, Resource Dependency Theory, the Sustainable Supply Chain Framework, and the Triple Bottom Line. Each case was studied independently, to reach a generalization through the cross-case conclusion. The result of this multiple-case study was that in the three cases, there was a problem of administrative nature. The main problems experienced by the two buyer companies and their supply chains were related to the lack of organization and management of the documents needed for the export process. Also, management tools to have an appropriate system to estimate production, and make the decision making process of the associations faster.
The result of this study provides important considerations for both, the companies that want to invest and buy agricultural products in Peru, and the associations of organic banana growers of Peru. The present research came to the conclusion that, to be able to overcome this and other obstacles both firms must make investment in transaction or relation specific assets and interfirm knowledge routines.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages80