En undersøgelse af sammenhængen mellem præstationsmålinger og motivation: Med afsæt i faggruppen sælgere

Sasja Friis Winther & Zandra Elene Winther

Student thesis: Master thesis


It appears that organizations have an increasing focus on keeping employees satisfied and motivated in their job position. Many organizations across professions use performance management in order to motivate and coordinate employees. Performance management is a broad field with two elements of which to match and design, including performance measurement and rewards. The thesis focuses on performance measures with few references to rewards.
The purpose of this master thesis is to analyze and discuss the existing theory on performance management and motivation, in order to see if performance measures increases motivation. The general theoretical views will then be put in context to the profession of salespeople, with the purpose of derive how performance measures affect salespeople’s motivation, and how organizations can increase motivation among them. The thesis focuses on Danish salespeople.
The thesis examines the salespeople’s responses to performance measures and whether they find it motivating or not. Furthermore, a recommendation will be made from the salespeople’s point of view, on how organizations most advantageously can design a performance measurement system in order to increase salespeople’s motivation. Primary data in terms of a survey and three interviews has been collected in order to clarify how salespeople are measured in their present job and how they experience it.
Performance management is a broad domain as well as performance measures, and a lot of scientists have different views on the field. Motivation is also dominated by many different scientists. The thesis is primary based upon Hansen's article called ‘Præstationsmålingssystemer, designvalg og designkriterier’ from 2009 and Gange and Desis’ article called ‘Self-determination theory and work motivation’ from 2005.
The thesis results show that salespeople are motivated by performance measures and the more complete the system is, the more it motivates. The motivation among salespeople can be heightened if organizations manage to design a performance management system which captures all value-adding tasks, takes into account all possible risk factors, which focuses on the inner psychological needs and that fits the culture.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages82