Det sociale eksperiment: eller et håb for den offentlige sektor

Aleksander Stii

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Danish public sector is facing severe social challenges, inwards as well as outwards. But there is a hope anticipating a revitalized, adjusted and developed public sector. For the fulfilment of this hope there is yet another hope: the social experiment. This text is an inquiry into the understanding of the social experiment. Proceeding from an interpretation of the experiment, as in the science in which man seeks to experience causal relations in nature, the social experiment is found to deviate fundamentally. This deviation is acknowledged in the difference of the object; in the social experiment the object is also a subject. Therefore, only quasi-causal relations, or social tendencies, can be disclosed and only in a way that reifies man. This disclosure, however, does not fulfil the hope for the public sector on its own. Accordingly, the social experiment is interpreted with regard not only to experience social tendencies, but also to transcend these by including the object as a self-reflecting subject. It is suggested, in order to accomplish both disclosure and development through the social experiment, that two different albeit connected images must be sought. In an oscillating movement between these, they compensate for each other by securing both the connection to the actual surroundings as well as progress. Finally, four principles of the development-oriented social experiment are laid out in accordance with the interpretation in this text, and confirmed by readings about social experiments actually done primarily in the public sector.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages79