Exploring the Determinants of Continuous Adoption of Internet-only Bank Services

Silvia Triscova

Student thesis: Master thesis


Internet-only banks (IOBs) refer to a new type of banks that operate solely via digital channels. Some of the IOBs operating in Europe have been successful in terms of attracting users to adopt their services and grew their user base exponentially in the past three years. However, not all of the initial adopters seem to continue using the services actively. The purpose of the current study was to uncover determinants explaining the existing user’s intention to continue using services provided by IOBs.
Based on the existing literature, namely the theory of continued use of information systems and empirical studies carried out in a related context, the research model was defined. The model was then tested with data obtained from existing IOB users via a survey (N=135), with the help of quantitative methods, namely exploratory factor analysis and two-step structural equation modelling.
The findings revealed that users’ intention to continue using IOB services is determined by their trust towards IOB and satisfaction with the services. Trust assumed the role of a stronger determinant of continuance intention than satisfaction. Satisfaction was in turn determined by confirmation of users’ previous expectations of the service. The effects of economic benefits that stem from using the service or convenience connected with the service could not be confirmed as determinants of continuance intention.
The study contributes to the literature on the topic of information systems continuance in the context of a novel financial services provider. Based on the confirmed findings, it draws implications for managerial practice and directions for future research in this field.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages124
SupervisorsKalina Stefanova Staykova