Exploring Complexity: The Spread of Innovations in Healthcare: From Isolated Factors towards Dynamic Interactions

Jacob Østergaard & Rune Thorhauge

Student thesis: Master thesis


Given the mounting pressure on the Danish healthcare sector, it is increasingly important to secure the future sustainability of healthcare organizations, in which innovation spread has a pertinent role. However, spreading innovation is a remarkably complex process, especially within multifaceted settings such as healthcare organizations. This thesis explores the inherent complexities of innovation assimilation and spread through analyzing pertinent factors and their dynamic interactions. Thus, this thesis compliments the current body of literature within the field of innovation spread in healthcare by adopting a holistic appreciation, as opposed to investigating single factors in isolation. In this endeavor, a comparative case study of two innovations within the Danish healthcare sector was conducted, based on ten semi-structured interviews and supported by documentary data. Throughout the data collection, respondents from different layers of the organizations were sampled to emphasize a holistic understanding. On the basis of the data collection process, and the formation of a comprehensive literature review, a conceptual framework is presented. By applying the conceptual framework’s four layers, the thesis presents findings connected to the relation between innovation and adopters, influential contextual components and interaction between these connotations.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages129
SupervisorsAnne Reff Pedersen