Experience in the Academic Internship

Johan Stubbe Østergaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis analyses the phenomenon of the academic internship as a practice that blurs the boundaries between studying and working. The phenomenon is analyzed through an analysis of the experience that the figure of the “Intern” develops while engaged in the academic internship. The reader is introduced to different theories of experience that serve identify the circumstances that affect the creation of experience within the academic internship. The “Intern” is identified as the central experiencing subject in the academic internship and she is thus taken to be the central subject for the investigation. The thesis brings out a discussion of what the concept of experience can mean and how concepts of experience can be made operable in a study of specific phenomena. This is done by bringing out the theories of the philosophers Agamben, Benjamin, Dewey, and Foucault. The thesis employs a phenomenological approach to the study of the “Intern” and engages in a discussion of experience as one of the central aspects of this methodology. The “Intern” is shown to be a figure that is overly occupied with the notion of actualizing potential and this tendency goes against the notion of studying developed by Agamben. As a conclusion to the thesis, the “Intern” is created as a conceptual persona that is woven into institutions of work, and education.

EducationsMsc in Business Administration and Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages52