Escape Into Another Universe through your Headphones: A Study of Value-creation for Young Millennial Women in Relation to Podcasts

Kathrine Rahbek Lindholm Stentebjerg

Student thesis: Master thesis


The consumer’s value-creation is not an option anymore, but imperative to develop engagement, brand loyalty, and attachment to ensure a valuable consumer experience. This dissertation is a study of how value is created through the podcast experience for the Danish young millennial women. In other words, what this value actually is, and moreover, how this value-creation can be improved and go beyond what the podcast experience is today. Through an exploratory study of this phenomenon, in-depth research was conducted, utilising a survey with 126 respondents, an expert-interview with the most popular podcast in Denmark, Mørkeland, not to mention two exploratory workshops through the framework of the design thinking process. By combining these three different varieties of informants and interactions, the goal was to develop an in-depth understanding of the value-creation process in connection to podcasts. Listening to podcasts allows the consumer to get a break and thereby create a space for an escape or distraction from their everyday stressful life. The findings indicated that the value creation happens through several stages of the podcast, moreover, beyond the listening situation itself. The podcast captivates the listener with an immersive story, but the findings expressed a need for more presence and engagement through immersive experiences both online and physical events, parallel with the podcasts and new formats and concepts. With this, motivations and emotional gratifications have been developed for young millennial women’s podcast experience. These motivations inter alia include Immersion, Informality, Company, Information Seeking, and emotional attachment. Moreover, these key implications resulted in co-creation and co-producing of ideas for new formats and content with the participants. These ideas encompass immersive physical experiences, engaging co-creation and co-producing on online platforms, new formats, and ideas for improvement for podcasts. Furthermore, contributions for academic literature and business, moreover, future research are embodied ultimately in this thesis.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages101