Employee Satisfaction in Agile Teams: A Framework

Mads Emil Andersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


New ways of working are making their entrances in the large industries across the world. One of these is agile, which has emerged as one of the larger concepts in the recent years. This has broad a focus on letting the employee make the decisions. Industries who are typically quite non-innovative are utilizing this as well. What will this mean for employee in these settings, can they thrive “without” a boss? I am to investigate what influence employee satisfaction in this new and existing concept that is Agile. To see if I can determine what is a matter of subject for employee satisfaction specifically for Agile. What stands out and has a profound effect on the satisfaction in the agile environment. Prior research lack the focus and empirical evidence on employee satisfaction in connection to agile. My primary data will consist of interviews with both experience and new team members from agile team in Tryg A/S. Secondary data will be a survey on employee satisfaction conducted by Tryg and observations from a “Retrospective” session I was allowed to attend in Tryg. In my research I will go through the existing literature on the matter. Through my data I will aim to either validated or reject the proposed factors. In here I will also elaborate on what findings don’t fit the mold, so they don’t get validated or rejected entirely. My findings have the potential to guide or make companies aware of the nuances to employee satisfaction, that employees experience when working with such a concept.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Innovation Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages78
SupervisorsStefan Meisiek