Employee Performance: Performance Culture and Employee Engagement in IBM Denmark

Raluca Leustean & Saira Rasool

Student thesis: Master thesis


In today’s ever changing digital era, organisations are implementing and making use of technology in work practices to achieve efficiency and successful performance outcomes. The relationship between the technology in use and the individual employee performance in an organisation is an area of research that is beneficial for organisations to explore in order to understand the possible changes and uses of technology. By the use of a single case study approach and qualitative research of semi-structured interviews, this thesis explores the implementation of a new performance management tool, Checkpoint in IBM Denmark. Through the application and combination of theoretical concepts such as organisational culture and performance management, we define what is a performance culture in an organisation. By linking performance culture and engagement, we investigate why employees get engaged within the performance culture in an organisation. The findings revealed that through joint effort from employees and managers, Checkpoint facilitates the performance culture, through meetings, setting goals and follow-ups in the organisation. Moreover, the employees at IBM Denmark engage in the performance culture through their own perceptions and assumptions. This impacting the way they get invigorated, dedicated and absorbed in the performance culture of IBM Denmark.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages103
SupervisorsMari-Klara Stein