Re-design af fødevareemballage: Hvordan emballagen og dets elementer påvirker forbrugernes visuelle opmærksomhed, autencitet samt hukommelse

Katrin Lilja-Schaap

Student thesis: Master thesis


Executive summary: When consumers are in supermarkets, they are exposed to a great range of stimuli, and influenced by many senses. The consumers’ emotional involvement affects the consumers’ buying behavior and that is why the visul elements should be able to get noticed in order to get stuck in the consumers’ mind. That will create an association, authenticity and added value, which stimulates the consumers’ desire to buy. This thesis explores primarily how the re-design of DanCakes carrot cake and its packaging elements affect the consumer's attention, authenticity and memory. This thesis is characterized by a scientific theoretical position. This is expressed by both the methodology, where the use of a positivist approach sought an objective knowledge without emotional presumptions. Furthermore it is reflected in the use of a quantitative method of analysis, together with the conception of the data by using inductive reasoning. The dissertation's methodology is an eye-tracking study with a concluding questionnaire and an individual interview. Through a series of hypotheses and the corresponding RQ, the research question will be examined. In this eye-tracking study, it is assumed that the respondents fixation time is an expression of visual attention, while authenticity of the product can be reflected by how well respondents like the product. The memory is tested by first implementing the CVLT, to examine the respondents general memory, and after the eye-tracking experiment the respondents are asked to name all the products and brands they remembered. Within the in-depth analysis of the obtained results of the thesis, the theoretical framework is reviewed. In here it is highlighted that a FMCG product has a low degree of involvement. Furthermore, will the consumer's visual attention and its cognitive capacity be discussed. In addition, we look into the importance of the brand as well as the authenticity of the given products.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages158