Ny Nordisk Mat i kontekst: Profileringen af det nordiske fellesskapet

Mette Vinther Talberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis focuses on place branding of the Nordic region, through a political, intergovernmental cooperation. The point of departure is ’New Nordic Food’, a Nordic programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers. In 2007 Nordic politicians launched the intergovernmental programme ’New Nordic Food’. A programme based on Nordic values, simplicity, freshness and traditional ingredients presented in an updated way. The main goal was to raise internal awareness about Nordic food, strengthen the Nordic identity and create attention internationally. In 2010 a place branding initiative has been started through this programme. In the era of globalization, the Nordic politicians have decided to take use of the Nordic identity in the increasing competition. Through a discourse analysis I view the structuring of the Nordic- and the national identities in two different forms of Nordic cooperation. The New Nordic Food Programme represents a broad based concept, while the Nordic eco-label is a cooperation based on a legal agreement. By analysing the two forms of cooperation it is concluded that the broad based concept structures the Nordic identity in a way that incorporates the differences between the Nordic countries. In the cooperation based on a legal agreement such a incorporation is more difficult, and the national differences tends to create a less unified Nordic identity. Both New Nordic Food and the Eco-label are valued Nordic cooperation’s, but in the case of place branding it is important to use a form of cooperation that structures a strong Nordic identity. In the second analysis the New Nordic Food programme is observed through the lens of cultural place branding. It is then possible to see how this initiative emerges as a place brand in the Nordic context. Globalization has changed the Nordic region and created an environment where individuals is searching for ways to adapt their identity to the new order. I conclude that the New Nordic Food programme represents a brand that tells a story about global kitchen with identity. This gives the Nordic population the opportunity to be globalized individuals, that relates themselves to the context they live in.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages120