Hvordan motiverer ledelsen til videndeling?

Rikke Moser Kristiansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis examines the motivation for knowledge sharing among a group of employees in a Danish sales department in a larger International pension company; the objective is to analyze what is motivating the employee to knowledge sharing and if the leaders can influence the motivation for more knowledge sharing. The empirical evidence was collected through a single case study using grounded theory, the Self Determination Theory by Ryan & Deci and knowledge sharing theory by Peter H. Christensen. The empirical evidence was used together with the theory to explore the link between knowledge sharing and motivation. The empirical evidence was collected through interviews of 6 employees. The employees were selected through several criteria that I had set up. But to counter the grounded theory unbiased selection, it was the management who provided me with the names of the employees who I interviewed. The findings were not completely clear, but depended on how much seniority the employee had. Similarly, there was dissatisfaction with a fixed target that was set by management but free autonomy in relation to reach the target. These factors lead to dissatisfaction among employees. Also this thesis questions the intrinsic motivation theory where it is considered to be desirable to strive for intrinsic motivation, because the employees obtain a type of motivation, where no external control or reinforcement is used, this gives considerable commitment, better performance and a greater psychological well-being for the employee ( Ryan & Deci 2000a). The finding in this thesis suggests that intrinsic motivation has to be combined with extrinsic motivation in order to get the best result. Furthermore, the research project has contributed to the existing literature by proving the link between motivation and knowledge sharing – an area which so far has been vaguely researched.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages98