Pladeselskabernes fremtidige forretningsplan: En undersøgelse af uoverensstemmelser mellem opfattelsen af forbrugernes nutidige og de fremtidige behov i forbindelse med download af musik og hvordan dette påvirker pladeselskabernes ageren i forhold til tilgængeligheden af musikken

Peter Malsø

Student thesis: Master thesis


There are several articles that examine the problems with illegal file sharing but yet there has not been a research of how the perceived behavioral control is affecting consumers when they download music legally and illegally. If the perceived behavioral control has an import influence when consumers download music this will tell us, that price is not the only important influence. It will make it possible to recognize what is important, when more music services will offer free music. The purpose is to examine what is important to people when they download illegally and legally. From this research I will present a new strategy for the record labels. The research was done by performing 4 in-depth interviews with students from lower second school (14-16 years old) and students from a commercial collage (17-19 years old). Afterwards I performed a quantitative research study with participants from the age of 15 to 28 years old. The examination of the data was performed to examine whether there was a correlation between respondents way of downloading music and the Theory of Planned Behavior. The study proved that all three factors; Attitude toward the behavior; Subjective norm; and Perceived behavioral control; influence when consumers download music. The most important factor was the perceived behavioral control that influenced 42 % of the behavior. The attitude towards the behavior influenced the behavior with 37 %. The subjective norm influenced 20 % of the behavior. The record labels cannot continue their current business because of the opportunities that the musicians have to produce and sell music themselves. My research indicates that the perceived behavioral control influence the consumer more than the attitude towards the behavior. This indicates that the record labels and sellers of music have to pay attention to the way there programs and websites are designed. Furthermore the record labels should consider a new strategy. This strategy should lead to a collaboration with Google in turning Youtube into a more professional music site.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages125