Kan lempeligere selskabsretlige krav fremme iævrksætteri?

Frederik Christian Kondrup Pedersen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


Denmark is currently facing a serious decline in the number of new entrepreneurs. This is a problem, as entrepreneurship, and thereby new businesses, are critical for keeping a positive development of the Danish economy and society. Therefore, it is essential to research the underlying reasons for a lack of entrepreneurship within the Danish borders. The thesis analyzes the shortage of Danish entrepreneurship by reviewing the different opportunities that Danish entrepreneurs currently face for starting up a business. This theoretical examination is supported by an empirical analysis in the form of a survey, where the potential problems that an entrepreneur might face are discovered. Based on these findings, as well as a comparison with entrepreneurship in other European countries, it is found that the circumstances of the current company law result in suboptimal conditions for entrepreneurs in Denmark, why this calls for adjustments.
The thesis presents two potential solutions to the above-mentioned issues. The suggestions are to either lower the capital requirements for the Danish private limited company (ApS) or by creating a new business form with no capital requirement. This would make it more favorable for Danes to start a business by making it simpler to establish and operate a startup company in Denmark, such that entrepreneurship again would be able to flourish in the country. These changes would of course also entail higher requirements in other areas, such that fraud can be avoided. An example of a solution to this could be that all new entrepreneurs must take a business certificate, such that it can be ensured that they are willing and able to drive their business in the right direction. The thesis finally argues for the societal impact of the suggested changes, where the assessment is that the benefits of a weaker regulation for entrepreneurs will outweigh the costs.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages73