Værdiansættelse af Rockwool International A/S: Hvad er et realistisk estimat af aktiekursen på Rockwool International A/S, og i hvilket omfang påvirker finanskrisen værdien?

Jesper René Kure

Student thesis: Master thesis


Rockwool is an exciting large Danish company, which in addition to being a major player in the international market also makes a great effort to improve the environment with energy efi1ciency and reduce emissions of C02. Rockwool International A/S is also an interesting business to start with, as it in many ways stands out and has attracted international attention. The company has proven to be highly cyclical, and like works industry had it hard during the financial crisis. This helps to make a future valuation extra interesting since that is exciting to see how these factors affect the valuation and not least the extra demands made on valuation. Rockwool International A/S is a world leader in stone wool manufacturer. Products from Rockwool arec of very high quality and compered with some other insulation products, Rockwool has clear benefits for example high fire resistance, great sound and vibration insulation. Furthermore the total energy spend on these products arc very low, products save in the course of its life several times the energy used for production. The market value of Rockwool International A/S per. 28 th Septembcr is 548,5 DKK, In comparison, the estimated value is only 511 DKK. Which indicate that the market value is a bit overestimated.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages119