Revision af igangværende arbejder for fremmed regning

Kamilla Laumark-Møller

Student thesis: Master thesis


I hereby submit my final thesis as the conclusion of the Master's degree in Bussiness Administration and Accounting on Copenhagen Bussiness School.
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the audit procedures that the auditor should follow when completing the audit of ongoing work in progress for the Danish company MMS Branding A/S. For that purpose I will use the Danish Annual Report Act, the Danish "Regnskabsvejledningen" for class B and C companies and the international accounting standards, IAS and ISA.
The first part of the thesis contains a description of the accounting and auditing related framework, which will serve as the theoretical foundation for the persuant analysis.
The second part of the thesis contains the persuant analysis and is based on the case and accounts of MMS Branding A/S. The former described theoretical methods and models will be applied in order to determine the audit strategy and the plan for the audit of the ongoing work in progress belonging to MMS Branding A/S.
In order to determine the audit strategy and plan, the auditor will need to gain (extensive) knowledge of the company in question and its surroundings, including the material chains of transactions. The knowledge of the company and its surroundings including the material chains of transactions will give the auditor the opportunity to identify where there is risk of substantial misinformation. The identified risks will form the basis of the auditor's choice in audit strategy and plan. On the basis of the identified risks and the choice of audit strategy and plan, the auditor will determine the specific audit procedures that must be followed to curb the identified risks.
Thus, based on the identified risks relating to MMS Branding A/S, this thesis contains a conclusion as to which audit strategy and plan should be applied and which audit procedures that should be followed (when auditing ongoing work in progress).

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages96