Strategising, organising and managing health

Rebecca Steele

Student thesis: Master thesis


The main argument of this thesis is that it is possible to optimise future health-strategies by studying the emergent processes. Stated differently, to optimise health strategic initiatives it is necessary to study and map a possible broad organisational direction within the emerging strategy. The thesis builds upon the assumption that a healthstrategy, all things being equal, has the intention of enhancing the health of the individual employee. Based on this internal focus on the organisation, the unknown factors of the health-strategy are identified as the motivation of the individual employee, and the interrelation between the individual and the organisation. The qualitative case study within the second part of the report shows that the organisational processes and concerns of the individual employee have significant influence on the motivation of health. Based on this it is argued that worksite health promotion create a new dimension of motivation, and through this a new possibility for enhancing the individual motivation of a healthy lifestyle. An obvious possibility for promoting health within the organisation is to focus upon the shaping of relationships, and to acknowledge the emergence of the individual motivation. An example is that the feeling of obligation due to the organisational context is shown to be a possible tool for creating intrinsic motivation of health and physical activity. The main challenge of health strategic initiatives is to generate motives founded upon a personal endeavour, which is perceived as valued and self-regulated and moreover provides the feeling of competence. The key issue of health-management is in other words, to avoid motives founded upon a comprehension of coercion and without any feeling of autonomy or competence. The knowledge created through this thesis should be regarded as the initial step towards a framing of a strategic logic of health strategic initiatives. However, it will never be possible to conclude any definite and universal knowledge within this field. Therefore this thesis should be regarded as a request for an ongoing creation of knowledge within the field of health strategic initiatives.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages86