How to Turn Luxury Brands into a Leader of Sustainability: A reflection on the potential of eco-packaging

Carlotta Romeo

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study was a survey research. It aimed to explore how eco-packaging influences luxury brands and the effect on consumer buying decision. The research explores both luxury and packaging constructs drawn from the literature and provide some hint for optimizing the potential of eco-luxury packaging. The sample were 174 respondents whose ages were between 19 and 63 years old. A online questionnaire was employed as the instrument for data collection. Results of the hypotheses test at the statistical significance level of 0.05 suggested that luxury eco-packaging is able to enhance customer evaluation on the brand. Results of the survey showed that the presence of ecopackaging has, on average, a positive influence on buying behaviour. The findings reveal that concern for the environment and trust in the brand play a major role in shaping eco-luxury consumption. Luxury conveys social identity and status, and eco-packaging acts as a signal for esteemed excellence and ethical attitude. Developing and designing luxury items with sustainable and recyclable materials also need to include a consistent eco-packaging, further increasing the value of the product. This paper brings attention to eco-packaging as a driver for eco-luxury consumption. The relationship between luxury and sustainability is also examined. The study contributes to research in advancing understanding on how consumers make sustainable consumption decision in purchasing luxury, and provides brands with insights into devising marketing plans to promote eco-packaging consumption, which facilitate the development of a sustainable luxury value chain. Limitations and directions for future research are also presented in the paper.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages82