Samarbejdsudfordringer mellem reklamebureauer og virksomheder: I arbejdet med integreret markedskommunikation

Dina Lebrinne & Mark Sebastian Pätges Allerup

Student thesis: Master thesis


PURPOSE - This paper aims to provide empirical evidence to challenges in the collaboration between advertising agencies and clients in the process of integrated marketing communication. Furthermore, the objective is to provide suggested solutions to the identified challenges. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH - This study takes a qualitative approach to the research question by using an embedded multi case study design consisting of ten semi-structured interviews with five Danish advertising agencies and five Danish companies. FINDINGS - Four main challenges have been identified in this study: 1) Divergent perceptions of integrated marketing communication due to various perceptions of the meaning and approach to brands, consumers and channels, 2) Divergent perceptions of integrated marketing communication as either a tactical tool or strategic business process, 3) Challenges in the cooperation between advertising agencies and media agencies, 4) Challenges in the cooperation between various types of agencies in the creation of integrated marketing communication solutions for clients. Based on the main challenges identified in this study a number of suggested solutions have been made. It is important for advertising agencies and companies to continuously align their understanding of integrated marketing communication; the meaning of brands, consumers, channels and the role of integrated marketing communication in a company’s strategy. Furthermore, a consumer-oriented outside-in approach has to be adopted by both advertising agencies and companies. Long-term relationships should be seen as the foundation for being able to work strategically and successfully with integrated marketing communication. Consensus between the media agency’s media plan and the advertising agency’s creative concept should be achieved by briefing the agencies together and stipulate collaboration between them in order to achieve a more integrated experience for the consumer. Furthermore, challenges in the cooperation between various types of agencies have been found, and are caused by the lack of responsibility. This leads to un-integrated campaigns and should be solved by choosing a lead agency, either an advertising agency or the company itself. KEYWORDS - Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising Agency/Client Relationship

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages126