Skab et Effektivt Personligt Brand

Janni Bruhn Ulmann Rasmussen & Karina Rygaard Risør

Student thesis: Master thesis


Executive Summary: This thesis was conducted based on a pilot study on banded job applications, in collaboration with a professional marketing agency. The result of this study showed an increase in the hit-rate for job interviews, in this type of application. This encouraged us to investigate the value of personal branding. The target group for our study is newly graduated academics, because of the high level of unemployment with this group in Denmark. Because of the small amount of academic theory within this field, we decided to do a qualitative study. This enabled us to create new knowledge within the field, since we chose to work with the social constructivism paradigm. As our primary data, we conducted a focus group, consisting of our target group. This taught us about how our target group, is use of personal branding in the process of job search. We conducted four semi-structured interviews with professionals: Peter Rasmussen, who is a headhunter, and therefore a useable source in regards to recruitment via social medias. Thomas Kantsø, who is Chief Consultant at Djøf, and has numerous years of experience with personal branding. Marianne Steen, who is a web-entrepreneur, and social media guru. Our last professional, Peter Holm, who is the owner of Created by X, who was also the marketing agency, which helped us create the branded job applications for our pilot study. We interviewed him, because of his skills and knowledge within marketing and branding. Our study shows that our target group’s focus in relation to personal branding, is on the social media, and they primary focus on their professional skills. Based on statements from the professionals, and our finding regarding the target groups personal branding strategies, we concluded that these strategies were incomplete. We therefore decided to create a personal branding construction model, to use when searching for a job. This model was created, as there is a lack in academic theory, in the field of personal branding. Since we were able to discuss and elaborate with our professionals, their valuable input provided us with knowledge to create this model. We concluded that personal branding has a great impact on the process of job searching. The newly graduated academics have too much focus on their professional skills, which means that their personal branding strategy is not adequate. This may be the reason, why graduates need be taught during their education, for them to be able to create a valuable personal brand.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages114