Exploring the global patent landscape: An information processing model

Zidsel Høgholt Smedegaard-Meyer

Student thesis: Master thesis


The open innovation economy in the form of external technology commercialization (ETC) in markets for technology promotes the diffusion of existing patented technologies. However, companies that wishes to externally exploit existing technologies experience difficulties in identifying ETC opportunities in markets for technology which are constrained by a low level of information. Thus, there is a need for information processing tools and methods that investigate sources of technological information to identify companies that possess the technological competences of a potential licensing partner. The idea behind the research of this thesis is to develop a framework of intelligence tools and methods that utilize worldwide external patent data as source of information on technological competences that indicate ETC opportunities. Accordingly, to unlock the hidden informational value of the global patent landscape the author develops an information processing model. This model tests the ability of five different patent information methods to generate accurate patent data on areas of technological competences and application which can be targeted with the purpose of commercializing the Grundfos BioBooster technology in new markets. All of the patent information methods are part of a wider technology intelligence process which rests on an underlying technology intelligence (TI) system of internal and external search modes supported by people, processes and infrastructures. Thus, the research demonstrates that to produce and utilize patent information on ETC opportunities it is important to have access to internal experts’ technological information, a reliable patent database, the patent analysis tool TECHPATTERN®, and a patent and knowledge analyst. Overall findings of the research are that three of the five patent information methods are capable of identifying groups of worldwide patented inventions representing new areas of technological competences and application which may derive value from having access to the BioBooster technology. The findings indicate that the information processing model, its associated TI system, and the applied patent information methods offer promise as support for practitioners and scholars in their work on finding ways to overcome the informational constraint on markets for technology.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages112