En styrkebasert tilgang til indre motivasjon: Et utforskende studie av styrkefokusert arbeidsmiljø sin påvirkning for tilfredsstillelse av de basale behov

Ida Ihlen Kildahl

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis explores how a strength- based working environment may help the satisfaction of the three basic needs, and in that way increase the intrinsic motivation. The thesis reviews the existing research on the strength- based approach, and the selfdetermination theory (SDT). The positive psychology, as the strength- based approach is a part of, is a relative new field. Therefore the research on the subject is limited. The research on self- determination theory on the other hand, is well established, but has never been connected to the strength-based approach to gain intrinsic motivation. The SDT argues that intrinsic motivation may be achieved if the three basic needs are satisfied. This thesis therefore explores how the strength-approach may satisfy the basic needs, and in that way gain intrinsic motivation for the employees. The findings implies that a strength- based approach may help satisfy two of the needs directly, and one indirectly. The two needs that may be satisfied is the need for competence and autonomy. The need for belonging may be satisfied indirectly through teams that are putted together based on the employee’s strengths.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages91