Negotiated Emotion Management in Organizations: An Antenarrative Approach

Izabela Chomicz

Student thesis: Master thesis


Previous emotion research proposes instrumental and narrow views of the role of emotions in the workplace, resulting in the reproduction of dualistic representation of the conflicting theme between rationality and emotionality in organizations.
Drawing on Boje’s theory of pragmatic and agential storytelling (2001-2015), the thesis explores the relational dynamics of emotion management in the context of work as negotiated through mutually constituted and intra-playing organizational narratives (cultural, value-based), individual story space (cognitive, communicational), and future patterns of action (prospective, technological). This theoretical lens is applied to a qualitative study of the specific context of IBM’s Danish department through which the dynamics of negotiated emotion management are exemplified. The case analysis is approached from a thematic lens consisting of three themes such as, responsibility, answerability, and connectivity as guiding schematizations of the case analysis. The agential storytelling approach to the study of emotion management introduces an ethical stand and a new perspective of how future studies may benefit from including the multilevel and dynamic approach in studying affect in organizations.

EducationsMsc in Business Administration and Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages93
SupervisorsMette Zølner