Kundefastholdelse på det danske forsikringsmarked: Hvordan har kundekontaktpunkter i forbrugsoplevelsen indflydelse på skiftebarriere og kundens intention for at skifte forsikringsselskab?

Daniel Andreas Godtfredsen & Kristoffer Schütt Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to identify how customer experience touchpoints affect switching barriers and the intention to switch insurance company for the insurance customers.
The research design is developed as an empirical study and operationalizes a conceptual model. To identify how the customer experience touchpoints and switching barriers affects the switching intention is developed a structural equation model. The empirical study consists of previous scientific research, a qualitative research of depth interviews and a quantitative research based on a questionnaire survey with 186 respondents.
Based on the results of the scientific research and qualitative analyze there could be identified seven customer experience touchpoints which are Product, Price, Process treatment, Image, Personal Consulting, E-service and Market communication. There are also identified four switching barriers which is Relationship quality, Switching costs, Availability/attractiveness of alternatives and Service recovery.
The quantitative data analyze were used to develop at structural equation model to find the significant relations to the switching intention. The test showed that there is a significant relation from touchpoint through switching barriers to the switching intention. The model provides evidence that four touchpoints; Market communication, E-service, Complaint handling and Collective discount and to switching barriers; Relationship quality and Service recovery, influence the switching intention. Furthermore the results of the quantitative analyze identified three segments of insurance customers. The identified segments that are found are; the unsatisfied customers, the satisfied customers and the neutral customers.
Finally the thesis identifies recommendations to the insurance companies how to reduce the customers switching intentions. Based on the recommendations primarily focus on the touchpoints complaint handling and collective discount, and the switching barriers relation quality and service recovery. It is also recommended to increase the resources (Complaint handling) spend on the unsatisfied customer segment because they have the strongest intention to switch insurance company.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages129