Empowering fashion luxury brands: A marketing communications application

Claudia Burdo

Student thesis: Master thesis


This research takes into consideration the relationship between consumer brand equity and marketing communication. In particular, it will provide Italian high-fashion brands, seeking to improve their brand equity, with a framework that can guide their choice of communication channel. More specifically, the research question is formulated as follows: “How can the Italian fashion industry most effectively build their brands on the Italian market by using Keller’s CBBE model to the brands’ target group?”. A deductive approach was used to give an answer to the research question. Previous researches about CBBE, marketing communication, and the relationship between the two were used as the starting point. Keller’s CBBE model played a key role in the research, as it was used as the main framework in the different parts of the thesis. With the help of the model, the theory was tested with a quantitative method. A questionnaire was given to the sample, which consisted of Northern Italian women belonging to this industry’s target. Two Italian luxury brands were chosen as examples for the whole industry and they were investigated in the questionnaire and then compared. The two brands were tested according to the dimensions suggested by the CBBE model. Additionally, the survey explored different marketing communication techniques on the target. For this purpose, the exposures to different medias were tested and not the media themselves. The collected data were then analysed both with descriptive statistics and with logistic regressions. The former were used to describe the sample, the brands’ position, and consumers’ exposure to communication. The latter were used to evaluate the relationship between the exposures and the brand equity levels. The findings pointed out the most effective marketing communication techniques to be used to increase each brand equity stage. Moreover, three guidelines can be pinpointed, namely engagement, interactivity, and communication quality. Findings and guidelines can hence become useful tools for the industry. However, these should be considered together with the research’s limitations, which limit the usability of the thesis and provide suggestions for further research Taking into account the theoretical framework, results, guidelines, and limitations, the thesis offers a reliable, generalizable and valid answer to the research question. Moreover, the relationship between consumer brand equity and marketing communication was verified for the Italian luxury fashion industry, and the findings, due to the practicality of the communication model, can be easily applied by managers.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages256