Influences on investor and risk behavior

Lars Michaelsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


I want to look into how people in general interprets and see an investment and financial choices from a given scenario and compare this to the individual and personal information, educational level, employment etc.. I often experience different choices and understandings on how people tend to spend / invest their money from my daily work as a banker. I believe that psychology generally plays a large role in the financial behavior and decisions of an individual. Therefore, I wish to compare people’s choices from a given scenario to their personal information etc, to see and identify any correlations, anomalies or so. An example could be to look into a population of people who delivers personal information through a questionnaire, and hold it up against their chosen way of investing in different situations and their personal consideration of risk and gambles. It would then be interesting to search for correlations and or biases between general personal information, the level of education, and occupational information with given scenarios, to see what variables affect and might influence the way people choose to either spend or invest their money, and how an individual would react to a given scenario. - What factors might influence the way people interpret and see an investment and a gamble? - What might affect investor behavior from given setups and scenarios?

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages81